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What to expect when you arrive

Temperature Check

The nasopharyngeal swab experience

  • Before the swab, if you have large amounts of mucous, you should gently clean your nose with a tissue

  • As illustrated, incline your head and the swab will be gently inserted through your nostril parallel to the palate

  • The swab will be gently rubbed and rolled the swab in your nasopharynx to collect sufficient material for testing

  • The swab will be left in your nose for several seconds to absorb secretions

  • The swab will be slowly removed while rotating it

  • The swab will be then placed into a vial of transport media and closed safely

  • We will have your name and date of birth on the vial to avoid sample mix ups

  • The sample will be transported in a biohazard bag until processing

  • For more information, you can also watch this video

Let us take COVID testing off your hands.

Our team will provide an end-to-end solution for your organization.
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