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COVID testing still hard to come by on the South Shore

According to data compiled by The Atlantic's COVID Tracking Project, the number of tests administered in the state has been steadily increasing, with a peak on Nov. 25 of 129,833 administered. That number dropped to 111,734 on Thursday and the number of new cases and hospitalizations nationwide has been steadily climbing.

"Getting tested is creating a public good, even if you're asymptomatic," he said. "Everyone should be going to get tested on a regular basis. That's how we control this thing. I'm surprised the state has not moved more in that direction."

The [mPathy] testing site in Hingham will be open nine hours per day, six days per week and take appointments and walk-ins. It can handle over 200 people per day.

Fisher said he expects there will be a lot of demand on the testing facility as people prepare to travel at the end of December, despite guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stay home.


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