Testing Strategies

We are dedicated to addressing your testing needs, which are unique to you. The following are jumping-off points for the customized plan we will help you create and implement. 

Image by H Shaw

There are three key components to testing:

  • Diagnostic

  • Screening

  • Surveillance


  1. Diagnostic Testing is used to verify infection after suspected exposure to the virus, or the appearance of symptoms. 

  2. Screening Testing is intended as a precautionary step. It is particularly useful for the general population, not just those who have been exposed to the virus.
    For example, it can be provided at a workplace to test employees, whose results will determine the extent of appropriate precautions.


  3. Surveillance Testing is used to identify and monitor an outbreak of a disease. Its primary goal is to collect the data necessary to determine appropriate preventative measures. For example, community testing allows researchers gauge the effectiveness of public efforts, like social distancing.


The following graphic categorizes prospective testing participants into appropriate testing categories for illustration. 


More information on testing types, protection and procedures can be found here.

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